As of August 2016, I completed a month of work as an actress with visionary director, Francis Ford Coppola. The most profound and influential thing I learned from him is:

"If the idea is here, your job is to never let go of it. You are responsible of your vision."

I will never forget this. I had the revelation of the Virtual Meditative Reality concept a year ago when I discovered Rob Stromberg, CEO of Virtual Reality Company, at his Virtual Reality event. I realized I could use virtual reality to connect with people in a more direct manor. I want to create environments where people could feel safe and secure; wherein, they could begin to look inward.

It took me 6 months of research to create my 20mn demo « Virtual Reset ». “Virtual Reset” is a series of still images and precisely timed chants/vibrations to create a sense of what could be done to help anybody switch from a negative/disturbing feeling into a positive/releasing one. With 7 Holdings Media I now have the voice/vessel to explore my conviction for self-development and trauma healing.



Maxime is proud to take on a new challenge as a technical advisor with 7HM.