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FANNIE BRETT-RABAULT / Dubbing producer / casting Director @ Encore Voices - Roundabout Studio

French-American, Fannie has been in the entertainment business for the last 28 years as an actor, singer, writer and producer.

She was fortunate to be directed by Cedric Klapisch (Peril Jeune), James Cameron (Titanic) and Francis Coppola (Distant Vision).


As the Co-owner of CEO’z Prod Label in Paris 8, she produced Pop-Rock-Alternatives albums and Music Videos.


Fannie was introduced to Charles Fathy in 2018, quickly they started to collaborate with the same creative vision.


Fannie’s desire is to see Encore Voices grow and give any well trained actor the possibility to enjoy the dubbing exercise through high-end European series and features.



Virtual Reset 1 Collage (short version) by 7Holdings Media is an abbreviated version of a 20 minutes virtual reality concept video. Through Binaural, izochronic sounds, images, and a guiding meditative voice, this Virtual Reset Collage would be used as a tool to help those suffering from emotional and psychological disorders.


Within the shortest amount of time, our goal is to help the patient switch from a negative feeling to immerse into a positive one. If the patient can define his emotion at a given moment, by using our Virtual Reset, he will be taken into the Virtual Journey that fits him and honor his resiliency.


He will experience a VIRTUAL RESET.


This concept is currently in research and development.


Bob Roberts is Special Operations Veteran.

At 41 years, after 21 years of Active Duty he went through stuff that won’t be disclosed before the next 50 years.

He watched Virtual Reset Concept and explained to me why I needed to keep on exploring my method for war fighters coming back from tour.

We also spoke on how important decompression time is. One direction Virtual Reset is trying to follow.

His knowledge an amazing ability to visualize makes him a rare guide to 7HM.

Visuals and Sound indentities

You know exactly what you want but you have difficulties letting yourself explore  the visual possibilities. 


From beginning to end we will articulate the visual identity that will give full impact to your product. 

As an example her is Emmanuelle Blanche’s new massage spa tutoring video.


7HM will create your Visuals and Sound indentities for personal or commercial use.